This is my website. Here you can find some information about me and my interests.

This is me

I'm studying for my master's degree at Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University at the  Information systems program. My progress you can see below.

Mathematical Foundations of databasesExcellent (A)
Programming (procedural)Excellent (A)
Operating systems and shellsExcellent (A)
Discrete MathExcellent (A)
Architecture of computer systems and networksExcellent (A)
Algorithms and Data Structures for computer data processingExcellent (A)
Algorithms and Data Structures for computer data processing (course project)Excellent (A)
Object-oriented programming (C ++)Excellent (A)
Application development with .NET Framework (C #)Excellent (A)
Computer Graphics (OpenGL)Excellent (A)
Object-oriented programming (Java, Oracle JDeveloper)Excellent (A)
Software Engineering TechnologyExcellent (A)
Programming in C ++ using QtExcellent (A)

Also i'm proud holder of the certificates Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmerand Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert.

My e-mail is: kirill@knize.ru

If you want to find out what do i do in my free time - check my github.

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